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Dear Mr. Cantwell,
I have used Gillette products for most of my adult life, and I am dismayed to learn that Gillette products may now contain RFID technology.  The use of this technology, unannounced, is tantamount to spying on the personal and private lives of consumers.
It is your moral obligation to identify the use of RFID technology in your products to consumers so that they may make an informed decision as to whether they will surrender their right to privacy in their everyday lives.
I urge you to discontinue the use of this technology, as there is no benefit to Gillette and the invasion of privacy is unacceptable to myself and many others.
I regret that I will no longer be purchasing any Gillette product while it continues to use RFID.
Thank you
Michael B....


I'm a French consumer of your products. I do buy Mach 3 razors every month since it exists and before that I was buying sensor excell. I also buy duracell and oral b products. But now it's over. I won't pay you to spy me! and believe me, all my family, friends and working relations are going to do the same.

Except if you make an official announcement declaring that you stop this, I will never ever buy again your products!


Dear Dick:
I will NEVER again buy a Gillette product.  Yes, stealing is wrong and should be fought, but in ways that DO NOT invade the personal privacy of Americans.  You are certainly not going to gain new customers with RFID in your products and will certainly lose many with this decision.
Joel N.


I hear today that you 'say' you're not going to put spy chips in your products.  How on earth can we believe you?  Your company is among those leading the way to electronic fascism in the United States and elsewhere.

Sorry to say, I will not be buying Gillette products for many years to come, regardless of your change in policies.  After all, how a company that even dreams of spying on its customers expect to HAVE any?

I'm disgusted with Gillette for a LONG time.


Blaine F....
Santa Fe, NM 

I have stopped buying all gillete and gillete related products. My family will purchase again only after a public declaration is made against the use of tracking chips.

Adam A.

one more customer lost forever

dear dick,
i have recently discovered your spy-chip RFID techno-nightmare.  be aware that your products will never be purchased again by myself, my husband, my children, my parents, nor my extended family, all of whom have been told of your intentions to invade our very lives to further your greed, and all of whom agree you are now completely untrustworthy forever.  you have obviously underestimated the power of word-of-mouth, and the willingness of your fellow man to be your patsy.  yes, we are angry, and no, we won't forgive.  do you really think you are the only ones offering razors and batteries?  your competitors must be loving this.  i'd like to see them take full advantage, and wish they'd advertise your diabolical stupidity.
also, i intend to spread knowledge of this outrage as far and wide as i can.
sleep well,
cindy l. v....

Dear Mr. Cantwell,

I am opposed to the embedding of RFID technology into any product.  I understand your desire to use this technology as a way to make your company more efficient, but I hope you will understand my concern over the privacy issues involved.

I will NOT buy another one of your products until you make an announcement that your company will not use RFID.

Tim S....
Jackson, Michigan 

I was a loyal Gillette customer until today. I love the Mach 3 razor, but I won't use them again.

I just found out that you are using illegal means to photograph and track consumers who are stupid enough to pick up your products.

I have forwarded this to some pro-liberty mailing lists that I run that have about 15,000 subscribers, and will be organizing them to boycott your products forever.

I don't know if you could ever possibly gain my trust again, or the trust of my friends.  A public apology and full disclosure on any of the large network news stations or in any of the major newspapers would help, but just the idea that you considered using this tech to track your customers... the people that pay your salary and keep your company alive.

I know that your goal was theft prevention, but there are ways to do this that are unobtrusive and don't invade people's privacy. (Magnetic field stuff that's been used on CDs and DVDs for a long time already). I'm sorry that you have chosen to work this way.

Jim S....

I'm growing a beard. I have no idea, what the hell you think you're doing taking my photograph without my prior consent.  ...until such time as you stop, I'll be using a competitor brand.

Good day sir.

Excellent razors!

6 year old thinking. Never mind, only one more small person not using gillette products while you still work there!

Have a nice day


Hi Dick,

Tagging and tracking people like deer - that's pretty funny. Unless you're a security consultants who spends his days cleaning messes created byhair-brained schemes like this. We've been sighing and rolling our eyes over the idea of putting a high gain directional antenna on a transceiver and deciding which house to rob without having to look inside.  The photographs at the shelves is the best part. Three quarters of the computer using population is afraid to shop online because of the browser "cookies" fiasco.  

Even though people misunderstood - and imagined the worst - lack of care in the implementation created a huge problem where only one site has to leak a persons information if they can get it, and then the banner agencies know
every page that user ever visits afterwards. And shutting out (Berkeley who 
helped develop the technology) from making any public or private comments on security in the leaked RFID industry memos - brilliant! Don't identify problems before some kid does and goes on Jay Leno and reads off women's bra sizes with a modified RFID transceiver. Best to let problems swell up until they explode rather than deal with them early on. Good industry thinking there. You should look for a job at Exxon when this thing blows up. 

Well, at least if you make people afraid to shop at Walmart, they might
reconsider shopping online. If their personal details are going to be in
everyone's database, perhaps they hide in the cover of their home from being
physically demographed.

Keep up the good work!

Dear Sir
I and many other South African consumers have boycotted Gillette for years and will continue to do so until you stop torturing animals in laboratories. Gillette's RFID tactics are just the latest in a long line of abuses . You may think individual consumers are not important but we all agree your policy towards animals and people sucks. Nothing on God's earth would induce me to support Gillette except ... when you STOP TORTURING AND ABUSING ANIMALS!! Please give it your serious consideration.
Yours sincerely

Just a few words to let you know what a customer is thinking. What is the real reason for RFID? Surely it is the task of the storekeeper/owners to make sure that the stuff is paid for before it leaves the store. It is very unlikely that you supply on a sale or return basis so it is really none of your business who steals/buys/looks at or passes by the goods on the shelves once you have received payment for those goods. Mind your own business, leave the security to the store owners and stop acting like a grand scale peeping Tom.

W Marks

Hello Mr. cantwell...

This letter is in regards to Gillette's practice of spying on consumers, and the guilty till proven innocent mentality of yourself, and your company.  
I will never to my knowledge buy another Gillette or Gillette owned product or brand again... I have informed others of your tactics.... and they feel the same.  It is sickening to think that your company makes the kind of money it does; already overcharges just like all companies do in order to cover what shoplifters steal; and now this...  I have no expectation that the savings would be passed to consumers... just fattening your wallet, and ruining innocents lives.  Shoplifting is just one of those evils that cannot fully be stopped.  It is under all the control it needs, and the system already works.  Stores have security, and you the companies whose products are sold there already over charge to compensate for the occasional theft.  This system works it is the way it ought to be, and this is coming from a honest person who does not steal.  I am ok with how it is now.  So is all who I know.  No good could come from this.  All that could come from this is fattening your wallet (which you apparently feel is right no matter the cost), and a guilty till proven innocent society.  Just as I said no good can come from this.  

hope you see the light... see the wrong in this... change the errors 
of your ways from a former Gillette customer, and a born again never will be a Gillette customer again.

P.S. stop the madness before the word gets out, and your company may still  have some faithful customers... those that never hear of this or those who hear of you changing your ways. 

consumers are not going to allow you to treat them like criminals, and are  insulted for being treated as such.  The more time that goes by without you  changing these ways the more people will find out.  Just like you if someone  treated you like a criminal without just cause ( your guilt to proven innocent idea  IS NOT JUST CAUSE) you would probably disassociate yourself with whomever treated you as such...  soon your customers will treat you the same by  disassociating themselves with you, and your products.  WHAT ELSE COULD YOU EXPECT?

August 26th, 2003

Dear Dick & Gillette representatives,

This email is to inform you that I as well as my family will be actively boycotting ALL Gillette products until such time that you decide to discontinue RFID technology in your products.

I feel that your invasive method is an invasion of my privacy & refuse to participate in your shoddy marketing methods. 

Consider our family one more lost family of Gillette consumers until you realise that we do not wish to live in an Orwellian society that feels they have the right to track our purchases in such an invasive method.

Big Brother is Watching YOU too ...

The G.... Family
York, Pennsylvania 

Please remove any and all RFIDs (spy chips) from your merchandise, displays etc. immediately and destroy any information you have collected in this manner. 

Best regards,

Dear Mr. Cantwell,

The Gillette Mach 3 Razor is the best razor I have ever used. Yes, it's for men, but you'd be surprised how many women use and love that razor. Or would you?

Word on the web is that Gillette is using RFID technology in their products. So you may already know that I bought a refill pack of Mach blades at the Denton, Texas Wal-Mart a couple of months ago. And when I throw it out, as I certainly will, you may know that too.

You can call me paranoid, but I don't like having a bunch of suits know what kind of razor I buy, where I bought it, and where I take it. Ostensibly, this RFID nonsense is for theft reduction. However, the real issue at hand is the almighty Dollar (or peso, or yen, or Euro, or what have you.). Gillette wants it. So they don't mind paying you (and others) to help develop and implement spy technology. That being said, they won't be getting mine. I got an electric razor in my closet. It's time to bring it back out. 

Well, thanks for listening. Have a nice day, Dick.

Ms. Mary J. H....


I am sending this email to inform Gillette that due to the use of RFID tracking devices being embedded without consent or knowledge, I will no longer be buying your products.

Please reconsider your invasive tactics.


R. Randall G....
York, Pennsylvania 


I've purchased Gillette products in the past and have been happy with the quality. However, if you continue to planning to use RFID tags in your products, I will no longer be a customer. I will also try to convince others to avoid your products in the future. I would be happy to pay the costs that you propose would be saved by shoplifting, etc.

I hope to continue to be able to purchase your products without the RFID chips.

Phillip S....

Mr. Cantwell,

I have been a great fan and loyal customer of your Mach 3 razor line ever since it came out several years ago. I am, however, a greater fan of my privacy, and I will make this point plainly and clearly: Unless Gillette refrains from installing RFID chips into its product or product packaging, I will have to make the jump to electric razors.  Frankly, the competition isn't up to snuff, and where I put my bathroom things is my business and my business alone. 

I am not interested in whatever reasons your company may have for doing this. This is an unwelcome intrusion. I am well aware of RFID technology and the lack of kill switches in the currently manufactured crop of these devices. If you needed to know this kind of information, you could follow proper channels and ask. I am sure people would be more than happy to fill out a survey in exchange for product discounts or free accessories. Perhaps my continued patronage is a loss you may feel is acceptable for the aims you may have in mind, but I assure you that this will only compound as a public relations nightmare should the appropriate steps not be taken to address these concerns. 

The biggest shame is that I have to rearrange my personal accessories just to keep getting the close shave I have come to expect from your products. If you truly valued my business, you would stay out of my bathroom, at least from a radio frequency tracking standpoint. 

Ali S....
Ex Mach 3 Customer

Last week, just bought my last Gillette product.
I will not be spied on.
J W R....
Granbury, Texas

Mr. Cantwell,

I was disturbed to read about the RFID chips being inserted into the packaging of your products.  I understand the need to deal with theft but spying on innocent people is no way to go about it.  As with everything else in America RFID chips deal with the symptoms but not the cause.  Why not donate money to helping those who would be more likely commit theft?

I will not use any of your products as long as RFID chips are being used.

Marie V....
Houston, Texas 

Hello Dick Cantwell,
I purchase my Gillette, and your other products, from a local mom and pop store. They are very effective in keeping small, easily stolen items from leaving unpaid by placing behind a counter or behind glass. I remember working at Sam Goody in my youth and we just made a point to hire more people to 1) improve customer service and 2) stop theft before it happens. I realize that you are a businessman facing the complaints of business associates and partners in retail that hate the loss of money associated with theft of your fine products. That's terrible but, if you wanted to console them with a helpful solution, why don't you invest your time and money in avenues that promote effective employee skills that stop theft in its tracks and better wages that prevent employee dissent that could lead to stealing? How about investing in people and their privacy and a good shopping experience? 
I really doubt you would feel comfortable being fitted for your new pair of leather loafers, only to causally see the shoemaker slip an ID tag and take your picture as you walk around them in the store for a test feel. Why would you want such a thing upon your consumers? 
Sincerely, MG W....

Dear Sir,
I don't know if you realize the can of worms you are opening up with these spy tactics.  
I have never shoplifted in my life and certainly don't plan to, but I do value my privacy and believe in what our forefathers fought for.  In case you haven't read history or the constitution, invasion of privacy is a serious issue and according to the constitution, against the law.  These little spy chips if put in our clothing, shoes, tires, pills, etc. will be worse than the Secret Police and anyone can be set up for a fall.  
I think the only thing that will help theft and other crimes in this country is to have  nation-wide punishments for crime, so that if someone steals, he knows just what punishment he's going to get.  Judges and loopholes in this country are far to easy on the criminal.  I also believe in capital punishment.  It's a shame people in prison live better than the poor.  The powers that be have done everything in their power to eliminate the Ten Commandments.  Getting 6 months in prison for killing your baby is a crime in itself!  
Even if there are a few innocents that get the death penalty, the general public including children will be safer.  There are too many criminals let go just to kill, steal and do other horrible crimes again  against society.  
Also, there needs to be a strong set of values taught in schools, advertisements, and promoted by the government and a God to believe in!  Humanism is killing our society in more ways than one. 
Barbara G....

I am not one of your biggest customers but I do buy Duracell, Oral B, and once a Braum appliance. Now that any product in the Gillette line now has the possibility of incorporated RFID tags, I am not willing to purchase any products from Gillette.
The solution is simple... publicly disavow and stop using RFID tags and in-store covert photography of customers.

My action (and that of similarly inclined small customers) of refusing, from this date forward, to purchase Gillette products  will have a cumulative effect.

John W...

This is just a fraction of the e-mail Gillette has received (not to mention the huge number of phone calls to Gillette's customer service hotline).

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