Gillette smart shelf promotional video <--Click the image

Click the image above to watch a promotional video featuring a Gillette-sponsored MIT researcher. The video explains how the Gillette "smart shelf" takes shoppers' photos when RFID-enabled razor packages are picked up.

MIT Auto-ID Center Promotional Video
Title: "Smart Shelf Demonstration"
Date: Circa 2002 (Downloaded July 2003)
Original Caption: "See a full demonstration of an Auto-ID shelf sensing the real world around it."

Download the Video:
Available at the Auto-ID Center archive site at EPCGlobal:

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Gillette VP Dick Cantwell was Director of the Board of Overseers for the Auto-ID Center at the time this video was filmed.
Dick is still in charge of Gillette's RFID program. Write him a letter and share your thoughts about this.

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