Following Gillette Customers
After the "Gillette Smart Shelf" takes a photo of shoppers who pick up Gillette razor blades, this document indicates that a grid of floor sensors will track their movements through the store.

This image is from a PDF that CASPIAN found on the Auto-ID Center's website in July, 2003.
Title: "The Next Information Revolution: The Networked Physical World"
Date: 2002
Page: 16

The pdf is mirrored at:  (933KB)

(Originally found on the Auto-ID Center website in July 2003 at:

Your Comments:
Gillette VP Dick Cantwell was Director of the Board of Overseers for the Auto-ID Center at the time this video was filmed.
Dick is still in charge of Gillette's RFID program. Write him a letter and share your thoughts about this.

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