Image from Auto-ID Center and Gillette
Hidden camera in "Gillette Smart Shelf" takes photo of each shopper who picks up Gillette razor blades. Photo is automatically routed to store security.  A second photo is taken at the checkstand. Later the two photos are compared to insure that every "potential shoplifter" (i.e., anyone) seen picking up Gillette products is later seen paying for them.

This image is from a confidential PDF that CASPIAN found on the Auto-ID Center's website in July, 2003.
Title: "RF Enabled Shelf and Back Room"
Label: "Confidential - for Auto-ID Center sponsors only"
Date: 6/4/02
Page: 3

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Originally available on Auto-ID Center website at:
Removed from site week of July 7, 2003 after negative publicity appeared in the press.

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Gillette VP Dick Cantwell was Director of the Board of Overseers for the Auto-ID Center at the time this video was filmed.
Dick is still in charge of Gillette's RFID program. Write him a letter and share your thoughts about this.

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